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Natural Remedies – Ancient Cures, Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for Health: Heal Yourself, Natural Treatments, Home Remedies, Healing, Herbal Remedies, … Prevent Disease, Overcome Illness)

DIY Herbal Antibiotics And Antivirals: 65 Natural Remedies Against Ailments Caused By Viruses, Bacteria And Other Disease-Causing Organisms

Honey: and Natural Remedies – Incredible ways for using Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, Lemon, and Many More Natural Remedies to Boost Energy and … Anxiety Management, Skin Care, Hair)

The Complete Natural Beauty Secrets Guide: Home made Beauty Products & Home Remedies for Fabulous Hair, Skin & Beauty (FREE BONUS!): Natural Beauty Recipes, … Beauty at Home, Natural Beauty Tips)

Baking Soda: Discover The Incredible Health, Personal Hygiene, And Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know About Baking Soda (Baking Soda, DIY Household Hacks, Natural Remedies)

Fun and Easy Handmade Herbal Soap recipes : Make Your Own Soap From Botanical Ingredients

Mint Herbs

Tame Your Pain: 4 Ways You Can Ease Your Chronic Pain Today


The Medical Marijuana Patients’ Guide: How to Use Medicinal Marijuana as a Holistic Medicine to Treat, Prevent, Cure Disease and Manage Your Symptoms

50 Best Essential Oils for Hair Recipes












Remineralizing – An update

For anyone reading this you may recall a previous post where I explained that I was remineralizing my own teeth and that of my child. I laid out my plans and set forth!

Since then I have learned more as well as tried and changed aspects until I finally started getting dramatic results rather than mediocre results.

The first and most important aspect is always diet. I eat almost no grains (rice and occasional “treats”) and have almost no refined sugars in my daily eating. I make broth from scratch several times a week and baked goods of any kind are rare.

Second I DO take some supplements partly because my teeth can restrict the foods I can eat and partly to help this process, along with general health benefits.

The supplements I take are often generic house brands (except the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil combo). I take a probiotic (recommended dosage), B complex (recommended dosage), Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil/butter oil combo (recommended dosage), calcium magnesium d3 (double the daily dose), and 2000 IU’s of another Vit D supplement.

I do not have access to raw or even pastured dairy products at this time which is why I am taking the cal/mag supplement.

Also I am using the Earthpaste toothpaste on myself and my son. I give my son one capsule of the fish/butter oil (I bribe him with something for anyone wondering hahaha). At this point in time I can now see rapid remineralization from my bicuspides forward, however it is possible that I may still need implants to replace at least some of my molars.

Originally I was taking all the supplements in the morning but the fish/butter pills were upsetting my digestion so now I take all except one probiotic and the Vit D at bedtime. Meaning I sleep through the stomach upset!

This is a good lecture for those who can’t afford to buy the book (linked below and in the amazon store)


You can see the original article here:


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I have started writing a book on natural medicines for the home medicine cabinet. The book has specific focus on safety for pregnancy and young children. In addition licensed professionals are checking the validity of the information given in each chapter, and there will be citations for studies throughout the book.

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The Type 2 Diabetes Cure: How To Naturally Prevent & Reverse Type 2 Diabetes (Carb, Diabetic Diet Plan, Best Foods, Blood Sugar, End, Recipes) (The Doctor’s Smarter Self Healing Series)
Bach Flower Remedies (95 pgs)

Homemade Beauty Treatments and Skin Care Recipes (Healthy Living, Anti Aging and Anti Inflammatory Skin and Hair Care Recipes Book 1)

Oil Pulling Therapy For Beginners: Detoxify & Heal Your Mouth, Teeth, Gums & Body With Coconut Oil Through Natural Oil Pulling ((Oil pulling, Essential … Coconut Oil, Oral Health, Natural Remedies)

Coconut Oil Hacks : Little Known Recipes For Stunning Health And Beauty Breakthroughs!

Are You Sick Of Your Allergies Yet? The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Eliminate Your Allergies for Life! (91 pgs)

Homemade Green Body: DIY Vegan Cleaning and Beauty Products to Fulfill Most Household Needs, Easy and Quick Recipes.

Natural Skin Care Benefits of Coconut Oil: Face, Hair and Love with Coconut Oil

Prostate Health Guide: Get the Facts and Natural Solutions for Optimal Prostate Health

Body Lotions For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Making All Natural Body Lotions for Glowing, Youthful, Vibrant Skin ((Aromatherapy, Healing, Healthy … Essential Oils, Hair Loss, Healthy Living,)

The Complete Migraine Cure: The Ultimate Guide to the Latest Natural and Traditional Therapies for Migraine Relief for Life (Migraine diet, Migraine headaches, … Migraines,Headaches, Chronic Headaches)

Herbs That Cure – Joint Pain


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Natural Remedies For Beginners: How To Heal Protect and Beautify Yourself Without Prescriptions (The Doctor’s Smarter Self Healing Series)


Full size book with 122 pages below

Healing Plants: An Introduction to the Healing Power of Plants


Essential Oils: Secrets Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy For Beginners: 30 Recipes To Rejuvenate Your Skin, Improve Your Hair And Relax Your Body And … For Beginners, Aromatherapy For Beginners)


Homemade Natural Skin Care Recipes: Your Complete Guide To Homemade Beauty!


Big book of 516 pages below

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body and Maintaining Optimal Health Using Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables and Alternative Medicine


Another big one with 133 pages below

The Beginners Herbal Handbook


The Herbal Remedies And Honey Miracles Box Set – 2 in 1 Herbal Remedies + Honey Miracles In A Box Set (Herbal Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Honey Miracles, Honey Healing, Natural Medicines)


Organic Herbal Antibiotics And Honey Miracles Box Set – 2 In 1 Organic Herbal Antibiotics + Honey Miracles Box Set (Organic Medicines, Organic Remedies, … Honey Healing, Organic Antibiotics Book 12)


Essential Oils Basics And Honey Miracles Box Set – 2 In 1 Essential Oils Basics + Honey Miracles In A Box Set (Essential Oils Basic, Honey Healing, Honey … Oils Remedies, Natural Medicines Book 10)


Essential Oils Basics And The Herbal Remedies Box Set – 2 In 1 Essential Oils Basics + The Herbal Remedies Box Set (Essential Oils Basics, Essential Oils, … Remedies, Herbals, Natural Remedies Book 9)


Essential Oils Basics And Essential Oils For Beginner’s Box Set – 2 In 1 Essential Oils Basics + Essential Oils For Beginner’s Box Set (Essential oils, … Oils Guide, Essential Oils Recipes Book 11)


Organic Herbal Antibiotics And Essential Oils Basics Box Set – 2 In 1 Organic Herbal Antibiotics + Essential Oils Basics Box Set (Essential Oils Basics, … Essential Oils, Herbals Book 5)


Simple Recipes for Easy Homemade Face Scrubs and Body Exfoliants (Healthy Living, Anti Aging and Anti Inflammatory Skin and Hair Care Recipes Book 3)


boxed set for a total of 223 pages below

Coconut Oil Book Package: The Coconut Oil Handbook & The Coconut Oil Skin and Hair Care Guide


Herbs That Cure – Anaemia


Alternative medicine for Crohn’s disease: Find relief with natural and home remedies


Cure Adrenal Fatigue Now!: How to Diagnose & Overcome This Modern Day Stress Syndrome ( Hormones, Sleep, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Diet, Burn Fat, Depression, Management, Loss, Do It Your Self, PMS)


Full book with 95 pages below

Bach Flower Remedies


I haven’t written on ginger?!?

Ginger is something I always have on hand. The fact that I have not done a post on it is shocking to me. Especially since ginger is my default choice for digestion issues… Well here it is now.

Long known as highly beneficial for it’s digestive properties and ability to reduce inflammation in the body, people throughout Asia have been using this rhizomes as medicine for thousands of years. Ginger originated southern China and spread to other parts of Asia, as well as the Caribbean and West Africa. The plant itself is very pretty and can make a good ornamental choice for some gardeners.

Outside of culinary applications ginger is also a very effective digestive aid. The tea is my first choice for indigestion, illnesses relating to the stomach, or for ulcers. It is also gentle enough that it can be given to a toddler with an unhappy tummy. As usual, here is the QRDS:


Further reading:

Zingiber ofinale (ginger)

History of ginger


The amazing and mighty ginger

Chemical analysis of ginger root

Efficacy of ginger for nausea and vomiting: A systematic review of randomized clinical trials

Ginger and its bioactive component inhibit enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli heat-labile enterotoxin-induced diarrhea in mice

Ginger inhibits cell growth and modulates angiogenic factors in ovarian cancer cells



Okay so maybe the title is a little overblown but that is how I felt in that moment.

When my son was about 10mos he was very stuffy. The cats were shedding, a whole bunch of flowers were in bloom and the dust in the house got kicked up from deep cleaning.

I felt so bad that he was so stuffed up, so as he was laying on my chest I got the bright idea to waft the smell from an essential oil blend for clearing the breathing. I knew enough to not apply it directly on him but a drop managed to fall right under his nose. I was carefully wiping DOWN when his father (the fucking moron) comes and wipes it straight up inside his nose.

The reaction was dramatic and immediate. The lemon in the blend caused burning and swelling so severe that I had to use my fingers to keep his throat open while his father called 911.

The peppermint caused his mucus membranes to overflow with fluid to try and expel the oil.

The eucalyptus oil caused him to sleep for almost 48hrs straight. He woke only long enough to feed a couple times. Luckily the eucalyptus oil didn’t cause a more serious reaction like coma or seizures. This experience led me to start researching essential oil safety with great depth and now I write on it as you may have seen.

To finish, my son recovered quickly and is in fine health today.


Here is a little more detailed information on the safety of EO’s


Videos on making herbal medicine at home

Learning how to make our own herbal medicines is more valuable than can be measured. Here are some videos by a herbalist of how to make certain types of medicine.

You can see Tony’s youtube channel here:

How to Make An Herbal Extract

Doing a Cold Extract

Making A Chelator

Making a Cellular Detox

Making Your Own Poultice (Part 1 of 2)

Making Your Own Poultice (Part 2 of 2)


The natural medicine cabinet

I see posts in facebook groups asking what everyone keeps in their medicine cabinets for their children. Of course a whole range of things are listed, both natural and modern options, and the list can be very extensive. So other than the obvious items like bandaids and other first aid items here is what I keep in MY cabinet.


Bentonite Clay – Rashes, bites, stings, pimples, anything to do with toxins.

Application is simple, add water and either drink or apply as a paste.

Further reading:


Garlic – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, removing parasites (food), cancer (food), heart disease (food)

Typical application is in food or supplements. Home made garlic oil can also be used for ear infections and some topical applications.

Further reading:


Cayenne – Digestion (food), heart disease (food), candida overgrowth (food), pain relief, boosts other herbs effects

Food is the easiest way to incorporate cayenne pepper but supplements also work. And there are topical creams with capsicum for pain relief. Learning about possible drug interactions is wise.

Further reading:


Comfrey – Aids healing, ingestion is unwise.

Topical application of comfrey oil speeds almost all types of healing.

Further reading:


Various essential oils – Lavender, rose absolute, pine, sweet marjoram, frankincense, rosemary (for me, not my child).

This is not exhaustive but it is the things I always keep on hand. The grocery store and your local natural health store can supply all of the items listed, however I would be silly not to point you to my amazon affiliate store as well:

Lectures on sugar

Below I have shared several lectures and such on sugar and the effects on the human body. As with anything, moderation is the primary key. Naturally occurring sugars such as raw honey or what is naturally in a whole fruit will not have the same effect simply because it would be extremely difficult to consume them in the same quantity to even match a single can of soda. The method of delivery and design of the foods that contain refined sugars allow for absurdly un-natural levels of consumption and this is the primary reason for the horrifying effects that can occur.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate – CBC News

The New Science of Sugar Addiction

If you are interested in detoxing from sugar then here is some information on how to get started.

Nutrition & Vitamins : Sugar Detox Symptoms

Do We Consume Too Much Sugar? Time For The Sugar Detox!

Dissolve Sugar Cravings with Sugar Detox: (1 of 4)

Dissolve Sugar Cravings with Sugar Detox: (2 of 4)

Dissolve Sugar Cravings with Sugar Detox: (3 of 4)

Dissolve Sugar Cravings with Sugar Detox: (4 of 4)

Body systems lectures

Once again these were given by Vaughn Lawrence ND. His website is


Partnering With God Series Class Three – Liver and Gallbladder

Class 4 – Pancreas & Diabetes

Class 5 Video Colon Health

Class 6 Video Cardiovascular Health

Class 7 Video Hormones


If you like the lectures then check out his channel and subscribe at SpiritofHealthKC